Eibauer Swarzbier 33cl

Hello again friends! Today I had the pleasure of trying the Eibauer Swarzbier. I bought this beer at a random corner/liquor store near a Arabian restaurant that we enjoy going to. I lost my receipt, but I think it cost me around 25 RMB (around $4.75 CAD). Enough of the backstory, here’s the goods!

This beer poured a dark brown to black colour with a thin beige head that dissipated quite quickly.

It’s smell was a hint of coffee and malt, though it isn’t too strong to the nose.

Taste – a lot of coffee and malt undertones with bitter dark chocolate. It is just slightly carbonated, and the mouthfeel starts with a decent hit of carbonated bitter/sweet but fades into a weak and watery finish. A tad metallic.

Here’s a look at the Swarzbier in my cool Chang beer glass that I picked up in Thailand!


Overall, this beer wasn’t too special. At 4.5% ABV, I think my coffee might have had more kick this morning. Eibauer may have missed the bullseye on this one. The dark roasted coffee was very nice, and the beautiful mix of sweet malty chocolate and bitter was great on the palate, but the mouthfeel was just so flat and underwhelming that that aspect of this beer was my main focus. That being said, this beer was still pretty enjoyable. It packed quite a flavour punch, but it disappointed in the watery finish. I’d drink another, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to find this beer again.

I’d give it a solid C.

Had a Eibauer beer? Maybe indulged in the Swarzbier itself? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!


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Brauerei Simon Lauf Weissbier Hell 50cl

Hello beer my old friend, I’ve come to drink with you again…

While these are in fact, (modified) Simon and Garfunkel lyrics, the only thing that this beer has in common with them is that Simon shares his name with this delight of a beer.

I must apologize, for I have moved from Canada to China, and have had quite a tough time finding beer that wasn’t Tsing Tao, Snow, or Harbin. Maybe I’ll review one of those later, but frankly, if you want to drink anything that is great, these might not be the beers for you. Sorry for the hiatus.

Anyway, as I have rarely indulged in German hell style beers (I guess helles means light in German? Don’t quote me…) the Brauerei Simon Weissbier is a very delicious and different tasting white beer. It still has that cloudy straw coloured look that is the staple of Weissbier, but it has a very distinctive and wonderfully new difference.

The Simon Brauerei Weissbier starts smooth and strong, hinting that, if brewed a tad differently, it would punch you wholeheartedly in the face, but the strength fades after its initial warning. This is one thing that I found to be lacking a bit with this beer. The taste is downright wondrous, the mouthfeel is smooth and full, but I really did want a good punch in the face. I will look for this brewer later, they must have something more up my alley.

That being said, the lack of a punch in the face would be this beers biggest downfall in my opinion. I loved it. The smell wasn’t too apparent, I drank this from a 50cl can, but it gave me some mustard, wheaty smell.

The colour was great, look for yourself:

My Weissbier in my Brauerei Simon glass.

As I previously stated, the taste was super nice. The mouthfeel was really smooth, and the first sip is overwhelmingly fizzy, bitter, and just a little bit sharp. Lots of straw, not a ton of fruity tones, but just a good, fortuitous wheat beer.

Overall, I was pretty impressed. I would definitely drink it again.


Had a Brauerei Simon beer? Let me know your thoughts!! Post a comment below.

Til next time…

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Rogue Northwestern Ale

Hello all,

Apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve moved my entire life away from the Lower Mainland to interior BC. I hope all of your glasses have been full of amazing beers lately. I know mine have been :). Shout out to many of my friends who’ve shared those drinks with me; they were delicious, and we will cheers again together sometime soon!

Anyways, here is the Rogue Northwestern Ale. It was quite a different tasting beer (which is welcome!), but it didn’t stand out to me as anything amazing that I needed to rush out and buy again. I purchased this bottle in the great USA, and bought it because it had Sig Hansen’s picture on it endorsing the beer. What, I like Deadliest Catch. This bottle was 22 floz, and 6.2% ABV.

Rogue Northwestern Ale

The smell was very hoppy and fruity, a great balance of both sweet malt and sour hops/alcohol. Smells enjoyable :).

The Rogue Northwestern is brewed in Oregon, and is an American/Red Amber Ale. It poured a dark apple cider brown colour, with about a finger’s width of head.

The taste was quite hoppy and bitter. Almost waltzing into IPA territory. Highlighted notes of citrus, with deep chocolatey tones. Malty and thick aftertaste with a decent mouthfeel makes this a well-rounded beer.

Overall, it was pretty good, but not super spectacular. I might buy this one again.


Had a Rogue beer? Share your experience!

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Chimay Red Cap 330ml

Well all, it has been quite a crazy while since my last post. I’ve been battling school and a new job at a private liquor store (And I must say, I’m disappointed in the palates of most. Our biggest sellers are piss in cans :().
So, in an attempt to relax after such chaos, I am enjoying a taste of Chimay’s Red Cap Trappiste Beer. Also, I’ll have you note, in a very cool Budweiser Chalice glass that I was able to get in the U.S.A.

Beer Review Chimay Red Cap Budweiser Chalice Cup

And it looks nice too…

This beer pours a delightful nut brown colour, alike to an iced tea. When I opened it, foam came pouring out of the top immediately, much to my dismay. How could it be shaken up when it’s been stored in the fridge for quite a while? Never mind that, but it had a nice head of about two fingers (it may have been more if there was not the foam fiasco) which quickly dissipated.

The smell of Chimay is sweet, and sour. I’m not quite sure I’ve ever smelled anything quite like it. Intriguing…

The mouthfeel of this beer is immediately noticeable. This beer is full bodied and very much smooth and nice in your mouth. It is very different from other beers I’ve tried, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

The taste is great. And different. And complex. I don’t even know how to describe it. It is sweet like the smell, and bitter/sour. It tastes like I’m transporting myself to a Medieval Abbey and enjoying a feast with some very kind monks. Thank you monks, for sharing this yummy, intriguing beer. The taste is very earthy, and soft. I really appreciate the taste. And for a beer that is 7% alcohol, this beer tastes nothing like other strong beers I’ve had. It is far more subtle.

For a beer so different and delightful, I must award it a very different and delightful grade. One that not many beers are worthy of.

So Chimay – I will award you with an A+

Had a Chimay? Weigh in in the comments section!!

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Spaten Doppelbock “Optimator” 33cl

First of all, thank all of you who voted in my little poll. I will be reviewing Chimay Red Cap for my next beer. However, I still have some beer notes on other beers that I haven’t gotten around to yet. So, here is one of them!

Spaten Doppelbock “Optimator” is a that is brewed in Munich. I picked up this delightful beer in Sandpoint, ID. and enjoyed it while on vacation. I don’t remember how much I paid for it, but I was in the U.S.A. so it couldn’t have been more than $.50. I kid, I kid, it was probably around $3-$4 U.S.

This beer poured a nice brown, dark caramel colour, and had about a finger’s width of beige coloured head.

I didn’t write down what the smell was like, but I believe it smelled a lot the way it tasted, which was very malty, like roasted malt, with a heavy date/raisin fruity taste to it. It had very mild hop tastes, very mild spices and a beautiful caramel and dark roast coffee tastes. That’s right, coffee. Germans do drink beer first thing in the morning, so this should not be a huge surprise.

The mouthfeel of this bad boy was great, just thick enough to be like, “hey, what you doin?” but not syrupy. The carbonation was pretty well perfect, and at %7.6 alcohol, it did feel like getting smacked across the face with two shovels, as depicted in the label. (I’m just throwing it out there, but spaten seems to mean shovel)

The bottle of this that I drank was recycled accidentally before I could photograph it, so here is a nice picture of what it looks like (props for the matching beer glass!)

Spaten Doppelbock Optimator Beer Review

Pretty nice, save for the countertops…

Overall, this beer was pretty delicious. I would recommend it, especially that dark roast coffee taste. It’s quite unique.


Had Spaten Doppelbock before? Tell us about it!

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Hello Everybody,

I hope things are going just as well for you, as they are for me! We’ve finally got some summer weather here in the Lower Mainland.

I spent my Canada Day weekend in the United States for a surprise visit to my family and friends, and it was awesome. I’d like to talk a little bit about tradition and how that factors into the experience of enjoying a beer.

Ever since I was a little tot, my family has been traveling with a close knit group of friends to the United States on or around the week of July 1st.

And they have been choosing Coors (unfortunately only sold in the states) for a very long time, and all of the years of compiled memories are associated with Coors. There is a phenomenon alike to music where memories and nostalgia come flooding back when you hear a song from a specific time (aka, your graduation song) or have a specific beer that you and your friends have been drinking for a long time!

My family has been practicing a tradition they call the “Sound of Summer” which is a simultaneous cracking of that first can of Coors that signifies the beginning of HOLIDAYS! Once that beer has been opened, and everyone has cheered, Summer is officially on, and relaxation is set to full steam ahead.

Traditions and Beer Drinking

The sound of Summer

Do you have any traditions surrounding beer? Please comment and let me know!



Also, I recently bought some delicious looking brews from my local BC Signature store. Which should I drink and review first?

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Driftwood White Bark Wheat Ale

Happy Canada day weekend friends! I hope you enjoy some delicious brews over the long weekend. I’m headed to the USA for a visit, so perhaps I’ll find a magnificent brew to try and review there.

On to Driftwood’s White Bark ale, brewed in Victoria BC. I bought this beer at a local store for about
$5 CAD.

Take a look!


The Driftwood poured a delightful opaque yellow with about a fingers width of head.

Smell is very orange citrusy with coriander, and bushels of wheat.

The taste was very mild and citrusy. There is an explosion of generic citrus, with lots of wheat finish which is nice.

My only qualm would be its apparent watery texture. It isn’t quite as carbonated and full bodied as I hoped for. After an explosion of citrus and wheat, it sort of falls flat. I don’t know if it was just this brewed batch, but I’m not sold. This beer had an ABV of 5%, which might have had to do with the flatness and watery taste this beer gave off. The taste starts very strong and full, and satisfying, but falls off quite abruptly with the lack of carbonation and watery texture.

However, I must say, the label is very slick, made out of some cool different style paper which feels modern and awesome.

Overall though, this beer left me wanting a little bit more. I’m not sure if I’d drink this one again.

Grade – C

Drank this beer before? What did you think? Leave a comment!

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